Social Enterprises: The perfect work home for purpose-led businesses

By Faye Gilling

13 June 2023
2 min read

As the values and priorities of people and organisations lean towards purposeful work, inclusive culture and positive change; social enterprises are becoming popular choices for those seeking workplaces that actively contribute to a more inclusive economy. If you’re a business that wants to attract the best talent, foster greater innovation, shape stakeholder perceptions and inspire staff – have you considered basing your work home at a social enterprise?

Social enterprises

According to Social Enterprise UK businesses that prioritise and focus on the above, create an inclusive, motivated workforce that can help deliver organisational strategy and improved performance. Social enterprise is active across every sector of the economy and can play a significant and increasing role in creating a fairer, more inclusive and more balanced economy that motivates, excites and engages people in their working life.

Social enterprises are more likely to be inclusive and diverse, demonstrate better gender pay ratios and are often located in areas of deprivation. And, while we can all agree that equity and social justice should be on top of the agenda for all organisations, it also makes good economic sense. Multiple studies have shown that diversity of background leads to diversity of thought, which drives greater innovation and better problem-solving.

It’s a mindset

While your business may not be a traditional social enterprise, set-up to achieve social and/or environmental benefit, it doesn’t mean you don’t align with the ethos. Making social or environmental impact a priority for your business and communicating this as part of your strategy can demonstrate your values and purpose.

Purpose-led organisations, which have a transparent and authentic ESG strategy, are leading the way in creating sustainable supply chains, better places to work, stronger workforces and greater innovation. Being socially conscious and passionate about your social impact is a key attribute for the future of your business.

Making socially conscious investments

Your ESG strategy should live and breathe throughout all processes and systems within organisations. It’s an ongoing commitment that demonstrates that you walk the walk, working with ethical suppliers, having a solid diversity and inclusion framework and making environmentally conscious decisions, all contribute.

Even the place you base your business can contribute.

Basing your business at a social enterprise

 By basing your organisation at a social enterprise business centre you can benefit from:

  • Working alongside other businesses with shared values
  • Having a landlord that cares about your success and that of your employees
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other businesses
  • Attract passionate, skilled people and improve retention
  • Make a positive difference to your community
  • Help to boost the local economy and contribute to social mobility

Did you know that Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre is a social enterprise? It’s not only a modern place to base your business, but you can get that feel-good-factor too, from knowing that by simply showing up to work each day, you’re supporting the local community, environment and society.

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Written By:

Faye Gilling
Faye is the Marketing & Communications Lead at Halifax Opportunities Trust.