Seven tips to choosing the perfect new work home!

By Faye Gilling

27 February 2024
5 min read

Taking the plunge and seeking an office space to call your own? Branching out and expanding in a new location or re-locating entirely? Whether you’re embarking on your journey into establishing a home for your business, or you’re well established and finding somewhere else to work from, there are a number of things to consider when finding a new work home.

In our blog, we’ll guide you with a few handy tips that might make your decision a little bit easier and ensure the office space you choose, is the right fit for your business. From conferencing to community, facilities to finances, we’ve compiled seven tips to choosing the perfect new work home for you, covering the following elements:

Start-up support

Did you know that there is a lot of support available for local businesses that are starting out in Calderdale? Not only are there funding opportunities but some business centres and serviced office providers subsidise rates in the first few months so businesses can get on their feet and thrive.

The Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre is able to do this for businesses that have been established for less than three years and, because we have a longstanding relationship with the council and other local organisations, we can often signpost businesses seeking additional support in many aspects of their operations.

Flexibility and facilities

Flexible working is becoming increasingly important for businesses, regardless of their specialism, and we’re noticing more and more that many of our tenants have differing needs and workspace models.

Whether teams are mobilised and you run a hot desk structure, or you prefer to have your teams all under one roof onsite, the office you choose is pivotal to accommodate. Flexibility is not just about the hours you and your team work, but ensuring your dynamic business needs can be accommodated, too.

When choosing a new home for your business and employees, it’s important that the facilities can deliver. Look for spaces that go the extra mile; perhaps they have a café onsite, or you can use certain services for free, or they might have connectivity solutions or in-house services that make your life that little bit easier.

Budget and non-budge criteria

If you’re weighing up whether to go all in and buy a space out right, or leasing a space for shorter term, there’s a lot of pros and cons to each.

Following on from flexibility and continuity, leasing or renting a private office space might be beneficial if you’ve got grand growth plans or your business model requires you to pivot and scale at pace. Many workspace providers can offer flexible terms with breaks, so you can constantly review and adapt to the needs of your growing business.

Setting up in a business centre can be a great long-term strategy too. If it comes to a point you need something bigger, there may be opportunity to remain at the same address and simply change offices for minimal disturbance to business.

Space and surroundings

Take a look at the space and explore the area before you commit. Nothing beats the experience of visiting a space in-person to really get a feel for the place. Is there a good sense of community? Can you imagine your business living in the space or your employees hosting meetings there?

It has to be a good fit for your culture and values, as well as work practices and operations, so dig into the finer detail and set-up meetings in the providers conferencing spaces (if they offer them) or hot desk in their co-working space for a day to get a feel for the people and businesses who reside there.

If you get that feel-good-factor, chances are you’ll feel right at home.

Location and access

Are you looking for a city-centre space or would you prefer somewhere more rural? Do your employees have far to travel and therefore good transport links are essential? Finding somewhere that will accommodate the unique access requirements of your workforce is an important element of your decision-making process, as the day-to-day is what keeps your business ticking.

While a city-centre space can offer a metropolitan buzz, it might not be suitable if there’s no nearby parking. Choosing a workspace that is accessible via all modes of transport can truly show your commitment to your employees and clients.

Timings and operating hours

Before you make the commitment to moving-in, dig deeper to understand the centre’s opening times and operating hours. Do they have a front desk to support your clients and staff within office hours? How about beyond the 9-5, can you and your team still access the space when inspiration strikes at 3am? At The Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre, we can provide secure access 24/7 with our serviced offices, so whenever work calls, your office is ready when you are.

Are you in a hurry to get moved in and up and running?  At the Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre, we can often support you to get settled in within just a few months. If you find an office you’d like to tour on our website, we can often get you booked in for a show-around the very same week, so you can move one-step closer to securing a serviced office space in our state-of-the-art converted textile mill.  

Optional extras and perks

Ensuring your new workspace provider can fulfil the way you do business with first-class facilities is important, but are there additional perks to basing your business in their centre? Do they run regular events for fellow tenants and local businesses, so you can build your community and network with like-minded professionals?

What’s included in your rent? Are there any freebies; free use of spaces or discounts on other things they have on offer? Maybe their purpose is about more than rentals, check out their purpose and social impact – what they do with their money, might inspire you with where to invest yours.

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Written By:

Faye Gilling
Faye is the Marketing & Communications Lead at Halifax Opportunities Trust.