HOT Networking – Productising Business Brains

By Innovation Halifax

10 April 2024
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Join us at HOT Networking on the 8th May to learn how to edit your business so it doesn’t depend on you

It wouldn’t surprise me if you’d been put off by the ‘ick factory’ that happens when you Google phrases like ‘passive income’ or ‘digital products’? That isn’t what the world of digital products or passive income should look like and Joelle Byrne ( is going to show us the ‘ick free’ way of doing it.

Existing business owners will be encouraged to consider those people who don’t buy your stuff already (because they can’t afford it, because ‘logistics’, or because they want to do it themselves). You’ll find that you can design a ‘thing’ that’s just perfect for them! Just thinking about starting your business? You’ll be walking away with an idea that doesn’t require £5k of stock under your bed, to turn your kitchen into a local branch of the Post Office or to work your fingers to the bone, just to scrape a measly profit.

Join this free workshop and leave brimming with ideas for your first, next or final digital product that’ll put cash in the bank and time on the clock!

Joelle Byrne is a Business Strategist; fuelled by a love of dogs, a shameless-sugar habit and bloomin’ good books. She specialises in productising business brains, making the swap of time for cash a thing for the history books. She believes that digital businesses are the bees-knees and gets ridiculously giddy about passive, scalable and automated business models without the ‘ick’ factor (she’s less ‘Instagram your fancy car and a wad of cash’ and more ‘sit in your slippers and ‘big’ pants’).

She splits her working days between helping oversubscribed, service-based businesses that are selling their expertise in ‘time-blocks’, and helping brand new entrepreneurs to design more time-efficient and scalable businesses. Whoever she’s working with, she focuses on exciting ideas that are perfectly aligned with the values and mission of the business owner. Businesses can then go about adding more value to their niche, reaching more people, having more impact, making more money and creating more time to enjoy it. She’s all about designing a business model where your business doesn’t depend on you and, most importantly, brings huge joy!

Event Order:

  • 8am – 8:30am Arrival and breakfast
  • 8:30 – 9:00am Welcome and Opening Pitches (60 seconds)
  • 9:00am – 9:30am Productising Business Brains with Joelle Byrne
  • 09:30am -10:00am Networking

As ever, HOT Networking attendees are welcome to stay on after the event to use our atrium and co-working facilities for the rest of the day.

See you there!

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