What’s so ‘HOT’ about HOT Networking?

By Faye Gilling

17 August 2022
6 min read

If you follow us on social media, you’ll have noticed that we regularly share information about our HOT Networking Event held here at Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre. If you’ve just joined us, and want to learn more about our growing business community, then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog we’ll provide you with all you need to know about our monthly networking event and what makes it so great, not that we’re biased.

What is HOT Networking?

HOT Networking is a professional networking event, hosted by Halifax Opportunities Trust or ‘HOT’ as we often refer to it. Halifax Opportunities Trust is the charity that we work within. As a social enterprise, any surplus we make goes back into the centre with some funds Gift Aided back to HOT, which are used to support the charity’s community focussed work in the local Halifax area.

One of the main objectives of HOT networking is to bring together creative and strategic thinkers to meet minds and share ideas, to create strong professional links in Halifax through a relaxed and informal networking setting. It takes place on every second Wednesday each month, at Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre, and unlocks opportunities for a range of businesses to come together and learn something new, or share best practice.

In recent months we’ve tackled subjects including mental wellbeing in the workplace, working with creatives and the importance of business planning.


So what’s so ‘HOT’ about it?

Well, not only is ‘HOT’ an acronym for the charity Halifax Opportunities Trust, it underpins the type of event we host too. Each month we attract up to 40 businesses from in and around Halifax, from a range of industries and specialisms, which means we’re always thinking of ways to ensure we have a varied schedule of speakers and subject matter. This keeps the event fresh and relevant.

In fact, because HOT Networking is a joint event between Halifax Opportunities Trust and Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre, we also dedicate a number of sessions each year to focus on subject matter that relates to the type of services the Trust offers. From wellbeing to apprenticeships, we’re currently synchronising our caldendar to bring you a series of ‘HOT’ Topics, relevant to the world of work and business.

What’s more, its a completely free event and we offer free butties and coffee for all in attendance. It’s a great way to punctuate your working week, while meeting fellow professionals and learning something new; all in the beautiful backdrop of the Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre.

What’s not to like?


Why attend?

Reason 1 EWIC Is pretty cool

The Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre is pretty cool. HOT Networking is always held at the Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre. It’s a state-of-the-art converted textile mill in Halifax that has a whole host of meeting and workspaces available. If you’ve never been, now’s your chance. In previous years HOT Networking has significantly grown, with up to 40 local businesses regularly attending meetings at Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre.

Reason 2 FREE Breakfast

You’ll get a FREE breakfast. We provide all of our attendees with a free breakfast butty and coffee, when they come to HOT Networking, courtesy of our delicious Café, Café No. 5.

Reason 3 collaborative connections

You can form new collaborative connections. We’re a friendly bunch at HOT Networking, and we pride ourselves on our informal, laid back nature. All those in our network are welcoming and open to forging professional connections; it’s not always what you know, but who you know!

Reason 4 Learn something new

You can learn something new. Attending HOT Networking is the ideal way to learn new skills or methods to support your business. And, we encourage informal networking before and after speaker presentations, so you could learn about upcoming projects or developments that you could be involved in; it’s good to talk!

Reason 5 creative juices

Get your creative/business juices flowing. To be in the presence of fellow creatives or industry professionals can really spark ideas, for individual or collaborative projects.

Reason 6 Casual workspace

You can continue your discussions in our casual workspace, the Atrium. The great thing about our Networking sessions is that many people in the room will have a vested interest in the subject matter that day – a great way to connect. If you need to continue your discussions once HOT Networking is over, you have free access to the casual workspaces in the Atrium.

Reason 7 Try out co working

You can try out co-working. Don’t worry about rushing back to the office or your kitchen table. After our Networking sessions we open up our Co-working space to all attendees so you can get straight back to business and make those connections into professional links.

Reason 8 Support Local

Support local. Ultimately, by attending or speaking at HOT Networking, you’re supporting local businesses and a charity that supports the local community. You’re helping to raise the profile of Halifax Opportunities Trust and the Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre, too.

Since opening its doors just over 10 years ago, Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre has gift aided almost £1million up to Halifax Opportunities Trust from its trading surplus.

Join us at our next HOT Networking Event

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Written By:

Faye Gilling
Faye is the Marketing & Communications Lead at Halifax Opportunities Trust.