HOT Networking 2023

By Faye Gilling

15 December 2022
2 min read

Plan ahead and pencil in these HOT Networking dates to start your year with new connections and ideas…

We’re looking ahead to the new year and planning away to ensure you have a valuable series of HOT Networking sessions that will support your business, employees and skills. As ever, we always try to deliver HOT Networking sessions that focus on a range of pertinent topics, relevant to local business professionals; whether that’s workplace wellbeing, strategic thinking or green skills.

The business landscape is always changing, so it’s always great to keep HOT Topics on our radar. In fact, we recently introduced ‘HOT Topics’ as one of our regular HOT Networking themes, which covers the things happening in the macro environment that might be having an impact on business and the way we do things. Look out for these sessions in the new year as they are often very topical and can provide you with a lot of insight on both the subject matter and how to consider this in your day-to-day.

Now, diaries at the ready, here are our upcoming dates:

  • Wednesday, January 11th – HOT Networking with Liz Kenny: Menopause Matters
  • Wednesday, February 8th – HOT Networking: Debunking common apprenticeship levy myths
  • Wednesday, March 8th – HOT Networking: Boost your business
  • Wednesday, April 12th – HOT Networking: HOT Topics – How to look after your team (Stress Awareness month special)
  • Wednesday, May 10th – HOT Networking: Perfect your Pitch – Antonia Kinlan
  • Wednesday, June 14th – HOT Networking: Get paid on time every time – Rob Lewis
  • Wednesday, July 12th – HOT Networking: HOT Summer Social
  • Wednesday, September 13th – HOT Networking: AI for businesses – with AI Sight
  • Wednesday, October 11th – HOT Networking: Overcoming Networking Nerves – Not Just Travel
  • Wednesday, November 8th – HOT Networking: Websites 101 – Snowflake media
  • Wednesday, December 13th – HOT Networking: Fast First Aid – Neil Davidson

Please note: there will be no HOT Networking in August due to school holidays

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Written By:

Faye Gilling
Faye is the Marketing & Communications Lead at Halifax Opportunities Trust.