Giving local businesses bounce-back-ability

By Faye Gilling

13 May 2022
4 min read

Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre’s new-look communal & meeting spaces can help your business bounce-back post-pandemic

We’re helping Calderdale businesses bounce back from the pandemic, with our contemporary new-look and refreshed meeting spaces. We’ve zoned in on the details that make the Centre a great place to be, so businesses can focus on what matters most to them.

Breathing in new life

Over the past 18 months we’ve taken the down-time the pandemic brought, as an opportunity to refocus and revive the Centre; ready for businesses to jump straight in once COVID restrictions lifted. We’ve reinvigorated our bright, welcoming reception and atrium area into a place where people can connect and collaborate, with semi-private meeting zones and casual work spaces.

Designed with modern business owners, freelancers and remote workers in mind, our atrium space has been totally transformed into a lush, palmy casual working environment. A hidden gem in and amongst the hustle and bustle of Halifax’s thriving town centre, ready for visitors to explore and uncover its many enticing nooks.

The Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre Open Spaces

 It’s great to see Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre buzzing with activity again. With an uncertain road ahead when the pandemic struck, we took the opportunity to improve the Centre’s communal and meeting spaces, so people could hit the ground running once restrictions lifted.

Jason Bell, Business Centres Lead.

Flexible facilities that function

We’ve also elevated our meeting spaces to accommodate evolving and dynamic business needs. We understand that ways of work might look a little different these days, so our meeting spaces are flexible yet functional. Whether visitors require face-to-face one-to-ones or large-scale global get-togethers, we have the space, facilities and technology to bring teams together and build the business community.

We want our visitors to feel at home when they use our meeting spaces, so we’ve also introduced some features that make our visitors feel welcome. From bean to cup coffee on tap, to delicious home-made catering by our on-site cafe, meetings are now as comfortable as a catch-ups with friends.

The Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre Meeting Spaces

 “We’ve worked hard to create an enjoyable experience for anyone who visits Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre. Our meeting spaces have been fitted with state-of-the-art technology to make conferencing easy, whether on a local or global scale, as well as introducing contemporary features that make the spaces flexible to most user requirements. On top of this, our atrium has new considered zones that welcome casual working to support freelance, hybrid and flexible work patterns, which is a popular addition.”

Jason Bell, Business Centres Lead.

Building a new work home

All of these enhanced features are part of our tenancy memberships. With unlimited access to the atrium; tenants can take full advantage of its botanical beauty and enjoy a more relaxed way of work in our free casual workspaces. Don’t just take our word for it! Our workspaces are in popular demand. The Centre is currently home to over 50 businesses in industries ranging from finance to care, education to sales, and growing.

Whether looking for a dedicated desk in a modern space, a day or two in a co-working environment, or something a little more permanent; the Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre is home to a whole host of spaces that allow local businesses to optimise productivity, hone their craft and grow.

Private Office

Getting that feel-good-factor

We hope that the Centre is a functional yet inviting space for visitors and tenants, alike. But, if that isn’t enough of a feel-good-factor then knowing that each booking or tenancy is indirectly transforming local lives for the better, should be.

Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre is a social enterprise; part of Halifax Opportunities Trust. Simply utilising one of the workspaces here, means that we can fund vital community projects through Halifax Opportunities Trust.

The Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre Open Spaces

“As a social enterprise our key focus is to reinvest into our facilities, so we can continue delivering high quality services. The Centre not only looks great, but we hope that businesses who call this space their home feel great working here, too. This extends to all of our visitors; we want everyone who comes to the Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre to feel like they are a part of our growing community.”

Alison Haskins, CEO of Halifax Opportunities Trust

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Written By:

Faye Gilling
Faye is the Marketing & Communications Lead at Halifax Opportunities Trust.